7 Chapter 7//Orientation
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Author :DRrockzo
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7 Chapter 7//Orientation

When I arrived at the frontier the first thing I did was to buy a small apartment from a contact that I arranged for before, a two-roomed apartment to be exact, one room to convert into a workshop for weapons, and one room to live in. After setting up basic living necessities and the simplest part of the workshop I decided to go out into the wild ( the no man's land, that is ) for a first look. Well, how should I say this? It's huge, for one thing. Also, it's very pretty - forests, lakes, even deserts cover a huge expanse of land. Now I see why this war is taking so long - there is simply too much land to conquer. Certainly, setting up a spec ops-styled hide in here, somewhere close to the exit to Eart, would give me an advantage. However, to get started, I would like to try and find a simple bounty to do, nothing too complicated, just find a target or a group, and eliminate them. The bounties are handed out by the Frontier representatives, separately from Devils and from Angels. They are also graded by the simple system of D to A, with A being the most dangerous. I decide to go for a C class bounty, for now, just to get a feel for the general class and skill of the enemy. I decide to take it from the angel side, as they are bound to not lie by their beliefs, so there is no chance for unwelcome surprises in their bounties, at the very least. The one in charge of giving out bounties was the regional commander's secretary, a straight up bishoujo. It looks like the Angels know human nature very well if they're using beauty to attract hunters to their side, huh. "Hello, Hunter. I suppose you wish to carry out a task in the name of our Lord? If you succeed, the Lord will reward you." 'Wow... the effect from that... the angelic smile, pure eyes, sincere and passionate speech... I wonder how many inexperienced hunters fell into this honey trap already?' "Yes. The name's Nick by the way. Give me a C class bounty to complete." "Of course Nickolas. I will await your return bearing news of your success. May the Lord's grace shone upon you."
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