Shards of a new tomorrow
4 Scream for you life
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Shards of a new tomorrow
Author :Vdemyx
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4 Scream for you life

After going down several stairs, I reached into a place that seems like a auditorium, there were three other people there, all seemed like human at first sight.

They were just by them own, but I can guess why, if the same happened to them. The silence was something notable in this room, because it was big to just 4 people at this place.

More and more people were arriving little by little and the place stayed silent. In total entered 8 more people into the room, then a known face entered the place quietly, it was the captain of the group, that the commander talked to into my room. He stayed in front of us an looked around, his eyes were able to understand the surroundings in a few seconds.

- Hey everyone! I know how hard it is, but you all need to follow us and understand what will happen. - He said interrupting the silence. - Firstly, let's start with a introduction. My name is Sypher, I'm the captain of the group 32, or in another words, all of you. All of you already saw the commander, so we must wait for her orders, she is the one that will explain everything, I'm just her assistant.

- That means you are just a pawn like us... - One of the guys in the group talked without hesitation. - Then all the hope that was gave to us was all a lie? Justice showed to us a brilliant world that everything would be fine... and here we are! Just being threatened since we woke up... What a great place! - It was obvious the ironic voice that he was using.

- You are not completely wrong, first of all, what betrayed you wasn't Justice, it was your mere expectations! Do you want a better place? Work hard to deserve it!

- If the world was just like that we didn't need to reach where we were in the last world. - This time was a girl of the group, after her words I guessed that everyone here was in the same situation before... hopeless and almost surrendering. - Your words mean nothing! You can be a captain or whatever, but you don't understand anything.

After the harsh words, no more was spoken in that room by anyone, everything was like before. Sypher extended his hand with a pistol as it was offering to us:

- Ok! I kinda understand, if you are hopeless like that, pick this gun from my hand and finish your life for sure. Or your courage just vanished? This is the best place for some of you, right? End your life right now in front of me to show your courage, weaklings! - His eyes weren't showing any empathy different from before. - Or I should just to shoot to get your life easier? - He aimed to the first man that talked and afterwards to the girl.

The other 10, myself included, were silent, afraid to talk anything and suffer once more. I really wanted to talk, but nothing came to my mind and my chest seemed so heavy that was hard to breathe... The first man that talked took his courage and walked until reach the captain.

- Give me that weapon! I'll show what can I do with it! - He picked the weapon and aimed for Sypher. - The big problem here is you, so if we can end you life here, it will become better.

- No! - I spoke without any hesitation - You should....

- Shut the fuck up! - he aimed to me and tried to shoot, but.... the time was passing and nothing happened. - What's wrong with this gun?

Sypher walked behind him and gave a bit into his neck making him fall unconscious into the ground.

- That's is value of the group for you! I'm disappointed with you. - He picked the gun from his hands and shoot into his head, but this time it worked. All we could see was his blood into the ground spreading... Any of us knew how to react that. That's painful to see in front of us, this could be anyone else from us. - And you... You tried to stop him, good job! But in you need to be ready for everything, including being shoot by an ally! The test is over! All of you failed!

What? That was just a test? A life was thrown away for a test? That was no different from the world that I was before, in fact it looked worst... The false hope that we received was just destroyed in a fell seconds.

While I was thinking about that, the commander entered the room and stopped in front of us:

- So... just one got killed? I was expecting a revolution between these humans. That was above my expectations, but anyways... - She looked to us and screamed forcing us to look at her. - Welcome to Group 32 of the Legion! The welcome party was enough for all of you? I recommend following the rules from now on, or you may end like this one here. Understood?

- Yes! - All of us told in the same time as if we were afraid for our lifes.

- Great! Listen carefully, the purpose of the group is eliminate the mankind, that part you should already know. Of course, there are others 31 groups operating for this purpose as well. But, before anything, all of you need to grow strong and understand everything! I'm here to help all of you! Everyone here is your ally, trust them at costs and doubt them at all costs at the same time! Your ally today may be your enemy tomorrow... Starting tomorrow we'll start your training and with me all of you will become amazing people that could take care of our purpose! But for now, all of you are inferior beings, that don't even don't deserve to be here, be thankful for the choice that was made to your life! For last, everyone is free to rest today... All of you will be in hell tomorrow!

As her words were told, we just accepted them as orders, because in the end we need to follow the rules of this society to survive. I was feeling really bad, as if wasn't something good to us. But what a small squirrel would do in the bear cavern? Just to accept things as it is.... Even you don't fell that is right, that is our world... Where the strong commands and the weak follow.

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    《Shards of a new tomorrow》