Ruler of Order and Chaos
20 Die, Mu Li Sh*t! Part-1
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Ruler of Order and Chaos
Author :Legend_Chan
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20 Die, Mu Li Sh*t! Part-1

|Yang Lei's POV|

What a sad story. Ji Kuang was an orphan and was raised by his elder sister. Everything went well until he was 5 years old. That was when it happened. Mu Li, who was 13 at the time, happened to stay at their village overnight on a mission with his cronies.

The moment Mu Li and his cronies entered the village, they killed an old man for getting in their way. Although Mu Li had a lower cultivation back then, he was still stronger than the villagers, who were normal people without a single ounce of cultivation. Thus, the village was forced to accommodate these scourges against their wills.

Unfortunately for Ji Kuang and his sister, the house Mu Li chose was theirs. When Mu Li saw Ji Kuang's sister, he decided to spend the night at her home. Although the village chief had a bad premonition, he didn't dare to voice it out, lest his entire village be annihilated if he got these cultivators in a foul mood.

When Ji Kuang's sister's heard about this, she immediately hid her younger brother in the closet. She strictly forbade him from making any noises, even if she died before his eyes.

As Ji Kuang hid in the closet, he heard Mu Li's arrogant voice demanding for her submission to her. Ji Kuang's heart sank when he heard this. Although he was young, he already knew his sister's personality very well. Too well… *ahem*

Just like he had dreaded, his sister refused to become Mu Li's woman. As he was about to force himself upon her, she took out the kitchen knife she had hidden in her sleeve and stabbed Mu Li.

Alas, a normal girl like her was unable to win against Mu Li, whose injuries weren't too serious, and his multiple cronies. She was quickly cornered and before they could subdue her, she slit her own throat and took her own life.

As she collapsed to the floor, lifeless, Ji Kuang's tiny eyes stared in horror through the crack in the door. He restrained himself from jumping out to pull her onto his lap and weep. As he sobbed quietly, he burned Mu Li's image in his mind. He would avenge his sister one day!

"F*ck! What a crazy sl*t…" Mu Li had said back then. He hadn't expected the girl to suddenly attempt to kill him before she suicided. He cursed and said, "Sh*t, this village is crazy! Wolf Head Mercenaries, let's go! I'm not staying in such a crappy place…"

Obviously, the attempt on his life had rattled him and he no longer wanted to stay in this village. He spat on the ground before he left their cottage, "What a shame…"

The moment Mu Li and his men left, Ji Kuang scrambled out and cradled his sister's face in his lap. All the emotions and sadness he had been holding in his heart burst out as he weeped in grief. As he held his sister's lifeless, cold hands, he vowed to the heavens that he would make this Mu Li sh*t wish for death!

"I am sorry for your loss…" I shook my head after I heard his story. Damn, that was a tragic story. If I was in his place, I would do anything to kill Mu Li too. I looked up, "So this is why you've decided to take a position in the Wolf Head Mercenary Company?"

"…" Ji Kuang grit his teeth, "I joined his f*cking company when I was 13. I have been following him ever since, waiting for the chance to assassinate him. However, his father is too cautious…"

"Oh, his father?" I was curious, "What about him?"

"His son is never alone and is almost always accompanied with two of his father's most loyal men…" he paused, "However, he thinks of me as his closest subordinate…"

"…" I froze, "Closest?" I began to laugh at the irony, "It seems like the Heavens want this Mu Li c*nt dead! What a bastard he is! Ahahahah!"

"What is your plan to kill him?" Ji Kuang's stony face didn't appreciate my humor. No, it was more like he didn't care about the irony.

"Well, originally, my plan was to wait until Mu Li is alone. Then, I'll kill him in a flash and escape. If I'm discovered, I'll just run away…" I stopped laughing as my expression became serious. However, this plan was seriously flawed. Even if I could escape, Xiao Yan couldn't. He was a complete realm below all the other mercenaries and would be caught immediately.

"Your plan… sucks," Ji Kuang frowned as he listened. Obviously, he had noticed the problems in my plan.

"Well, with your 7-star Dou Zhe strength and my 6-star Dou Zhe strength, I think we could just kill all of Mu Li's men in the middle of the night before we kill him too…" I nodded as I exposed my true strength.

"That won't work. With your 2-star Dou- What the h*ll?" His eyes popped out when I released a little of my aura. Of course, I also took measures so that others wouldn't find out and detect it.

"6-star D-Dou Zhe?" He gulped as he covered his mouth. "What the f*ck? At such a young age too!"

"Hehe. How about it?" I chuckled, "How does tonight sound for the assassination?"

"Tonight?" Ji Kuang finally managed to close his mouth. He thought over my proposal, "Hm… Tonight should work…"

"How about you tell me about the strength of the other mercenaries, eh? Having infiltrated for so long, you should know a lot of things, right? Maybe some dirty secrets too? Right, what is your specialty?" I grinned cheekily as I fished for information.

However, I wasn't joking. If I just went in like that, forget about killing Mu Li, I would be swamped by his men before I could even find him. Therefore, information about Mu Li's men was critical.

"Oh, those sh*ts?" Ji Kuang gave a gruesome smile. "I know everything about them… After all, they are Mu Li's personal men, the very ones who accompanied him to my village…"


|3rd Person POV|

As the campfire died down, people settled down inside their tents. Crickets chirped as occasional wolf howls could be heard in the distance, giving those that heard it shivers.

There was a large tent… Around this grandiose tent, there were twenty or so tents arranged in a circle…

Outside a tent, a shadow approached quietly. After it had entered the tent, faint rustling noises could be heard before the shadow quickly left the tent and headed for another tent. Behind him, a dark pool of crimson liquid was slowly spreading, staining the clothes of a unfortunately beheaded mercenary…

One by one, this shadow of death 'visited' each tent, leaving as quickly as he had arrived.

On the other side of the circle of tents, there was another shadow, reaping death as it moved along. This shadow's name was John Cena! Nah, just kidding, it's Yang Lei.

[3-star Dou Zhe killed! +50 KP!] The system interface appeared after his Bloody Cleaver (White) flashed across the cultivator's throat. As warm blood jetted out the cut, Yang Lei scratched his head.

[Killer Page unlocked!] The system announced emotionlessly.

[Bruh, read the fine print… It says you can only get KP from people who are holding animosity towards you and have the intention to kill you…] The system added quickly as if it had read his mind.

[Check again…] When Yang Lei saw this, he shook his head.

As he bent down to slit the throat of yet another mercenary, he froze when he saw his target moving.

"Ah, is that you, Wang Li?" The man yawned. "Is it my turn to wat-"

His words were cut short by Yang Lei's Bloody Cutter. As he sped away to another tent, he muttered, "That was close…"

[3-star Dou Zhe killed! +70 KP] Obviously, that mercenary was stronger than the previous, which had resulted in more KP. As more KP flooded in, he made mental notes…

After Yang Lei had slaughtered 6 more people, he waited at the location he appointed with Ji Kuang. Not long after he had arrived, another shadow appeared.

"Ah, you're finished?" Ji Kuang was surprised. Although he was one star higher than Yang Lei, the latter had managed to surpass him by a few seconds.

"No, there were a few people missing…" Yang Lei shook his head as he pointed at Mu Li's tent in the distance, "They must be on guard duty."

Around Mu Li's tent, there were 4 people on guard duty. As they stood watch, they chatted quietly. This was going to be much more difficult for Yang Lei and Ji Kuang…


Outside the largest tent in the entire campgrounds, four weary mercenaries chatted to keep themselves awake. In the cold of the night, their breath fogged up when they spoke, yet it was impossible to be seen in the darkness of the night…

"Yo, Lin Xiao, you're the youngest out of us all. What do you think of that 2-star Dou Zhe kid? Isn't he more talented than you?" A mercenary rubbed his eyes as he whispered blearily.

"Pah! What talent?" Lin Xiao spat on the ground when he heard this. As a talented person, he couldn't accept someone better than him and felt jealousy. "Just an arrogant youth who doesn't know his place!"

"Yah! I heard he refused Young master Mu's offer to join our company. He even declined the offer to join the elite squad!" Another mercenary sneered as he thought of Yang Lei.

"Hey, Du Xiong, why are you so quiet today?" Lin Xiao asked suddenly. He pushed his friend, the last mercenary who had been silent during the entire conversation. When Lin Xiao's finger made contact with his friend's body, his pupils contracted. Something was wrong!


As he watched, his friend's head fell to the floor slowly and landed with a silent thud. His heart pounding in horror, he looked on. Suddenly, his face contorted as his mouth opened to scream, "H-"


Like his friend, Du Xiong, Lin Xiao's head also met the floor as its lifeless eyes stared blankly in terror.

"What's wrong, Lin Xiao?" The other two mercenaries were laughing about a dirty joke when they heard the soft thuds of their companion's heads hitting the dusty ground.

When they turned their heads, they saw Yang Lei smiling at them as he caressed his giant cleaver dripping with the crimson blood of their friends.

"W-" Their Dou Qin instantly circulated as they looked at Yang Lei in shock. Before they could call out in shock, a large pair of hands shot out and slammed their heads together, resulting in a sick, hollow cracking noise and two dead mercenaries.


As their limp bodies slumped to the ground, a looming figure appeared in Yang Lei's view. Ji Kuang!

"Damn," Yang Lei whispered softly as he nodded at Ji Kuang. Being born with a Herculean Body really is something, eh? He shook his head as he thought of Ji Kuang's specialty…

Together, they turned towards the entrance, giving gruesome smiles as they thought of two completely different things for revenge.

Ji Kuang: 'Mu Li sh*t, prepare to die for my sister! Also, I will avenge all those other girls you have also preyed on!'

Yang Lei: 'Mu Li sh*t, prepare to die for interrupting my fun time (and/or touching me weirdly)! Also, I will avenge all those other people who think you are a prick too!'


Author's Note: IMPORTANT NEWS! (Read to end to understand) Since I am still in high school, that also means that I am living with my parents. My parents hate it when I play games or read novels. I don't even have a phone! However, I do have a iMac which I use to write chapters on (Pages app).

However, to publish my chapters, I need to go to the Webnovel site... however, my parents have installed parental control thingys to monitor me and even though I can bypass it with my VPNs they can still find out what sites I'm going to...

So I used my mom's iPhone to upload (LTE data WAS untraceable)... Then, she has to go and install the Verizon Family Child Companion app, which means that I can't upload on her phone anymore cuz it's now monitoring every single thing...

Luckily, I finally managed (at 11:49 PM, right now) to find a way to bypass all that parental shit, and now, I can finally upload!

Sorry,😐for the delay, but I still managed to upload before the end of the day! That means that today doesn't count as a day of not uploading, yay! 😁


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    《Ruler of Order and Chaos》