Rise of the Scorpion
48 Forest of Death part/22 night raid2
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Rise of the Scorpion
Author :DemonSect
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48 Forest of Death part/22 night raid2

Sasori raised his palm, and out of the storage seal came out dozens of humanoid puppets.


The camp transformed to a battlefield, the enemies didn't know what hit them.


Sasori suddenly made a hand seal and the cave entrance collapsed.

'This will at least slow them down' though Sasori before backing off to the shadows.

The dark Raptors and puppets overwhelmed the unprepared competitors, but soon they proved themselves as true Death Forest survivors.


"Hahaha!" Dorian was riding the Alpha dark raptor and laughing while shooting dark bolts.

Emilia standing near Dorian calmly, only making a move when enemies entered her range.


"Ne, Emi, let's see who kill more!" said Dorian excitedly.


Another competitor who tried sneak attack Emilia lost his head.

"Not interested," she said.

"Alright, but it's your loss" Dorian just scratched his head in confusion, he didn't understand how Emilia transformed from a bratty, reckless and hot-headed little girl, to a calm, cold, and mature young woman.


*Pov: Alvin

-Death bringers/faction leader.

Alvon a lvl 15 berserker was about to explode from anger, who dares to attack his faction?

Right now he was running with his trusted and most powerful subordinates, when suddenly...


Countless small explosion accused at the same time when Alvin and his subordinate approached the cave entrance.


The explosions made the cave entrance collapse.

"F***ing!!" Alvin gritted his teeth in rage.

Without needing to talk a red-robed man walked from behind Alvon, he raised his palm and a red beam shot out.


And the rocks began to melt in a fast pace, a few moments and a large hole was formed.

After seeing the state of the camp the leader was trembling from rage, he wanted to go wild due to his berserker class, but he decided against it.

"You three, assist the others against the golems and beasts, Arthur follow me, and Xavier do your thing" Ordered Alvin.

*Pov end


The four nodded before executing their orders, the three lvl14, run and began massacring the puppets and raptors, the lvl 15 fire mage Arthur followed Alvin, who was heading towards Dorian and Emilia, and the last was surprisingly also lvl 15.

Sasori frowned his eyebrows from the shadows, the information that the scout told stated that there was only two lvl 15.

'A lvl 15 rogue' after 2 years, Sasori's Sharingan allowed his to identify any class just by looking at the target aura, by simply memorizing aura's signature.

Sasori followed the lvl 15 rogue but he kept a safe distance because even with his experience and skills, he might still be detected due to the difference in lvl.



The three lvl 14 dodged the arrows.

"Watch it you bastard!" yelled a lvl 14 ranger.


"Hey! I will...!" said the ranger in anger.

"Something wrong with Roman, you two stay here I will deal with him," said a dual-wielding swordsman, before moving with fast speed.


A few seconds later he was a few dozen meters away of the archer, he dodged a few arrows.

"Hey! Roman what is wrong with yo..." he said but he dodged an arrow, but this one kept tracking the swordsman wherever he goes.

"Shit!" cursed the swordsman as another arrow seemed hot on his trail.
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    《Rise of the Scorpion》