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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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100 Knock Knock

"N-No! He killed Lord--" exclaimed one of the lackeys before he was cut off mid speech. The reason? It was of course due to Shuhang's (un)timely intervention. It was mainly because he actually didn't want to hear the name of whoever that dead Devil was.

If it was someone of importance, he might be able keep the attentions off of himself since he was more than sure that a certain loli-dragon would spare no effort to chase him down. And so, under the stunned gaze of the little nekoshou, Shuhang swiftly killed off the rest of the Devils left.

Of course, as his attack speed was too fast, it only looked as if he just stood in place while everyone else just suddenly dropped dead all of a sudden. This only served to stupefy the little girl even more as her jaws dropped to an all time low. Just to make sure there were no evidence left, he unhesitatingly turned them all into space dust with a little a bit of fire magic.

With his work done, Shuhang sheepishly turned towards the still stunned little girl, as if he had just done something only of a 'mischievous' level, and not full blown, complete massacre. Shuhang himself could only think of it as such since a group of grown ass his men chasing after such a little girl can't be all that good.

It was especially so since said little girl even unconsciously tried to save himself, who was a mere random passerby... literally. He happened to have just passed by through 'Luck' and nothing else. For such people, Shuhang would kill with absolutely no remorse whatsoever.

Even if he doesn't particular enjoy it in any way. Killing was killing after all, no matter how anyone try to sugar coat with disgusting words like 'Justice' and shit. In fact, Shuhang hated those 'Justice fags' even worse than the 'scums' he killed off just now.

Shuhang: "Uh... I don't think we've introduced ourselves yet. My name is... Shu. You are?"

???: "Ah!? Uh... K-Kuroka...?"

The nekoshou seemed to have answered reflexively due Shuhang's sudden introduction. Though she still seemed be a little confused at the current situation. After all, she was in a life or death situation in only mere seconds ago. The sudden death... no, more like 'disappearance' of her pursuers came almost too suddenly.

It's almost as if what happened earlier was only a dream. The only proof she had that everything was real were the wounds she sustained that are still throbbing in pain even now. Even then, she seemed as if she was in a little bit of daze still.

(🤔? Why did that out come out as a question though? Hm? Wait a sec...)

Shuhang: "Uh? Did you just say your name is Kuroka...?"

(There's no way right? Maybe it's only a big coincidence that she just happen to be a nekoshou with the same name...?) thought Shuhang. Just to make sure that her familiar name was only a coincidence, he hesitantly put forth a not too specific question.

Shuhang: "Say, why were those Devils chasing after you? Any other family members? Like say... a brother, or... a little sister?"

As soon as the word 'little sister' was mentioned, she seemed as if she had been doused in cold water and woke up from her dazed state. She even seemed to have turned a shade paler than even before. Whether it was due to her grave wounds or something else, Shuhang was unsure at this point.

Though looking at her reaction, the corner of Shuhang's mouth couldn't help but twitch. Now, he was all but 90% sure that this was the 'Kuroka' he was thinking of.

Kuroka: "Oh... My poor little Shirone."

Hearing Kuroka mutter that name with such sadness and dripping tears, Shuhang was now sure of who this nekoshou was. (And there's... the other 10%. If she was in the process of escape just now, this means that the massacre still shouldn't happen as of yet, but would definitely take place soon. Should I help her out at the risk ruining this world's future? Eh, screw it. Pretty sure I fucked things up to complete shit with that commotion I caused with my and Great Red's fight some time ago.)

While distracted by his own thoughts, Shuhang had fail to notice Kuroka who at one point began to kneel in front of him. She seemed to have asked... or rather, begged him about something which he completely missed. Knowing who she is now though, Shuhang could venture a pretty accurate as to her request. Just to make sure though...

Shuhang: "...Did you really mean what you had just asked me?"

Kuroka: "YES! P-please, Shu-sama! Please save my little Shirone. I'll give you all of my everything in return!"

Her plead, now turned into a pledge, confirmed what Shuhang had thought. Normally, Kuroka would have not trusted anyone so easily. Especially with her experience dealing those more 'powerful' than her. Even though his earlier actions didn't exactly paint him as a 'good person', it wasn't like he's 'Evil' either. Those Devils did attack first after all.

For some strange reason though, Kuroka felt as if... this person who introduced himself as 'Shu' was someone she could trust. Even her instinct had for some reason told her that 'Shu' would not reject her plead. As for why she had asked for help, it was mainly due to the immense strength he had casually showed off.

The 1st Devil that died wasn't just any Devils you could off the street in the Underworld. It was the father of that... SCUM who did all those experiment on her. More importantly, that was an Ultimate class Devil! If something went wrong during the rescue, she believed 'Shu' could easily take care of it.

And if something goes REALLY wrong, like say one of the [Satans] personally made a move, she felt as if 'Shu' could still escape even at the worst case scenario. For some reason though, Shu had been quietly observing her for awhile now without uttering a single word.

This made Kuroka become more and more uncomfortable as time passes as she mentally prepared herself in case her plead was rejected. In that case, she wouldn't be all that surprised either. She's asking for the impossible after all.

The real reason Shuhang had suddenly become a 'statue' was of course not due to his unwillingness to help. The real reason is something more serious than any one could think of. A much... much more serious problem. For you see, Ddraig had urgently sent Shuhang a message that brought cold sweats down his back.

The content of said message was...

'Oi partner! There's an [Intruder]! I can't hold them back any lo--'

...How is that possible!? The place where Ddraig resides... is his inner world! His dantian, an [Imaginary] space created by his [Soul] itself. How the fuck can there be any [Intruder]!? Which such a shocking message, Shuhang of course wasted absolutely no time at all and sent his mind inward at record breaking speed.
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    《New Life In Cultivation Chat Group》