My Mini Planet
29 Karma is life, and life is reincarnation
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My Mini Planet
Author :Poetic_Lord
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29 Karma is life, and life is reincarnation

A desolate war field filled the horizon and rivers of blood painted the grey hill in a wicked scarlet. Throughout the ground, small mountains of corpses burnt in yellow flames.

At the peak of a high hill, a man stood supported by his sword. Although his face was in peace, his body was wretched, bleeding from multiples wounds.

However, pain could not shake that soul anymore, since such a scene had repeated itself dozens of thousands of time throughout the cycle of reincarnation. It was like a curse, ravaging its victim for eternity.

That man had a name, Hammed. He had already lost count of how many lives he passed through in the past millennia. All the suffering of multiple loves, deaths, betrayals, wars and the painful invisible process of aging as a mortal.

It did not mind how much he struggled, cultivated or slew through the years, death was always at the end of the path, undefeatable. As so, that particle of conscience traveled the desolate ways of Destiny.

No matter how many times he cut down the Heavens and broke up the Hells, the laws always took form in something that destroyed his being.

Like a scholar, death came through the most unpredictable words. Like a fisherman, death came in the most unexpected ocean. Like a teacher, it came from the most invisible student, as an Emperor, from the most silent poison.

However, this time, the flow of fate was finally broken. The arrogant man stared at the Heavens with a small smile on his face. The last smile was always the sweetest and the first victory the most glorious.

When the forces of Death once more attacked his body and the suction of reincarnation once more claimed for his soul, preparing the next travel, Hammed withdrew his bloody hand inside his shirt, searching for a small pocket.

Then, time seemed to cease as he took out a small slab of grey stone. Upon it were some profound cravings in an unknown language, like the own language of the Universe, filled with a dormant power. Lifting it to the skies, Hammed shivered and whispered weakly.


These words were like a primordial beast breaking the chains of chaos, as all the laws knelt before an invisible force that surrounded Hammed on the top of that hill.

In a slipt second, the reality seemed to break into millions of fragments and infinite white space surged around Hammed's reincarnation. He scanned his surroundings and was surprised by the original him standing right in front of him.

Confused, he slowly extended his hand at his body, as it also did the same. Then, as their two fingers touched, a bright explosion occurred and everything went dark once more.

To get out of that infinite enlightenment trap, Hammed had to meditate for billions of lives, suffering from the disease of Death as a mortal so that his pure understanding of the Law of Karma could be craved out of his being.

That small stone tablet was the culmination of all his hard eras of understanding of the Law. It was the own solidification of his Law of Karma.

Some people called this type of exquisite existence an Artificial Divine Manifestation. With such, the usage of one's planets would grow greatly as each one of these represented an almost perfect understanding of a Law, only second to the Heavens itself.

With such an item, Hammed could fully control all the process of reincarnation in his personal universe, which means one thing: A much more powerful stream of Faith Power!

Imagine a clan in a mortal empire with a dying Great Elder. They would do anything in their power to maintain his life and knowledge, as so as the most important: his loyalty to the empire!

Now imagine how would it be if you could directly enter in contact with God and ask to reincarnate such a figure in the next generation through rites of good karma. If such could really happen, their faith in God would grow by leaps and bounds!

Also, in the pursuit of good karma accumulation, lots of good deeds would be practiced and the evil would be expelled, turning society in a much better place to live: everything because of the existence of God and his tremendous powers!

If before, such a process was not in Hammed's hands, now with such heavenly defying treasure, things like that were possible! As such, his cultivation would certainly undergo a monstrous transformation.

A curious fact was that although Gods like him could create life and culture Faith Power in their planets, there was no way of forcing the mortals into submission of faith.

This was one of the few Universal Paradigms of the universe, something that no one could break, the limitation placed among all immortal beings that cultivated through such way.

That is why creating new ways to gather and increase the mortal's faith was important. If not, they would gradually start to become lazy and atheists. Then, if the notion of God was dead for them, the only option was to start all over, putting even more burden upon the planet and leading to its destruction.

Some moments later, inside the dark cave, a youngster seated crossed-legged opened his eyes.

Hammed quickly scanned his surroundings, only to find the cute little dragon sleeping on his lap. However, feeling a huge power flowing through his body, Hammed rapidly gazed into his cultivation.

To his surprise, upon comprehending his secondary Law, the Law of karma, his cultivation finally broke through the high level to the Peak Ascending God Realm, just a step away from the True God Realm!
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Although happiness filled his heart, Hammed knew that the next step would be extremely arduous. From what he heard, his brother Rafael, who's cultivation speed was practically unrivaled in the younger generation, took half of his current age to active such realm.

Such a breakthrough was a major buff in one's powers and everything had to be prepared with the utmost carefulness since it was the first realm of cultivation that one had to pass through a Heaven Tribulation!

Throwing such distant thoughts to the back of his mind, Hammed turned himself to Luke. As he already broke through the enlightenment cage, the Karma Divine Manifestation would not remain in reality for much longer.

Like a miracle, the same way it appeared in the world, it vanished without a trace to take its secrets to another random place of the universe. However, detaining an Artifical version of such heavenly treasure would give him and his subordinates a lot to chew on for the next millennia.

As expected, moments later, the divine stone tablet simply disappeared in thin air and Luke woke up to reality. Although he was not capable of creating an Artifical Divine Manifestation for himself, Luke's gains were pretty impressive too.

His Low Ascending God cultivation jumped directly to the Mid Ascending God Realm, a quarter away from the high realm. Exchanging some gazes, the two of them chose to consolidate their realms a bit more before any actions in the strange place.

However, it did not take long for the great stone walls to start shaking violently and everything around them started to collapse. Yet, before they could react, the trio was suddenly teleported from the darkness seconds before everything came into nothing.

The only thing the was holding that planet's life was the Divine Manifestation. With it gone, the whole world together with all their living beings came to their doom, joining once more the infinite energy of the universe.


An unknown part of the North Region

Nothing but the empty void filled the space to come, reined by the darkness of loneliness. Such a place was devoid of life and the cold of nothing filled the horizon.

But in the midst of all that, a sparky explosion appeared out of nowhere, leaving behind three figures. Two humanoid beings and a little animal.

"Jarvis, pass me the North Region Universal Map please!"

"At your command master!"

In a flash, a big yellowish map unfolded in front of Hammed, revealing a little red dot at one of its borders: such minute point represented them in a very big scale compared to reality.


"Jarvis, how many space-time refined bullets I have left?"

"Well, master... there's about ten of them. However, it will only be sufficient to travel until the next city. As for the Capital, it's a far dream..."

With some pain in his heart, Hammed sadly succumbed to his destiny.

"Alright... load the Desert Eagles."

One had to know that refining space-time bullets was a very arduous process, but nothing could be done.

Aiming to the void, the trio began their trip back home skipping through the void.

*Note: please consider that for the novel, the Law of Karma and the Law of Reincarnation are the same thing.

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    《My Mini Planet》