My Kingdom
3 Escaping and Meeting King Torlian
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My Kingdom
Author :ZhaoYangFeng
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3 Escaping and Meeting King Torlian

I didn't know why they only took my 276 Aurums why didn't they take more what the hell? it was really confusing they only took that much of money if i knew that this will happen i wouldn't go and fight them . I was an idiot but the question of why that sum of money only was really making me restless . After some days of travel we where near a village with the name of "Varot" The group of bandits that was locking me in an old chariot ran into some righteous group and they started fighting . I used that moment of fight to break out of the chariot take a horse and i ran . I kept running for almost three hours i was fortunate to find that horse if not i would have been caught long ago by other bandits groups . After more than one hour of rush at the back of the horse i could finally see the great and splendid walls that were so majestic and captivating . I reached the giant town entrance . You can feel the majestic and old aura from this town , At the entrance there was two guards wearing red shining armor with a majestic golden lion in the middle part of there chest it looked so beautiful like a masterpiece . I got near the portal and tried to enter but one of the two guards stopped me while he told me :"Who are you ? what's your business coming the to the capital city of The Kingdom of Tolrania ?" . Ohh shit how am I going to deal with this guards ? I have a high amount of renown that can be said to be equal to 120 renown so they may know me . "I am Jack Labersten , I came here to see his majesty ,King Torlian, May I enter the Town." I said relying on the amount of renown i had and the power of persuasion that gave my speech some feeling of comfort and righteousness . I was thinking nervously ' what if he decided to throw me in jail or something because he thinks that i'm lying to him ' . The guard was shut for a moment and then said ' I apologize to you sir for not recognizing you from the first time i saw you , as I was wrong I need to never let this fault be repeated so that you , Sir Jack , won't be wronged again . Wait for a second my lord ." He got into a cabin in the side and got out of it while bringing a Jade seal that looked exactly the same as the armor with a red background and a golden and majestic lion in the middle . He said while handing me the seal " My lord, this for you as an apology and also because we wronged you "

I said while accepting his apology " It's alright , It was my fault to no announce my name to you before entering and it's good to know that you're not some lazy guards that are just laying around while ignoring your duty. I'm going to the king's Palace can you have someone guide me there ?"

The guard said "Sure My lord,by the way I'm The Guards Captain here I'm pleased to know you my lord my name is Thalenie, If you ever need something that i can do i'll do my best to fulfill your demand .as for the matter of guiding you this my son, Oscar, He will guide you to his majesty's Palace". Oscar bowed while saying " I will be escorting you my lord to his majesty's Palace , Please follow this lowly one " . I said to Thalenie "Thank you for your service you're really someone that can be relied on keep up the good work ." then I turned to Oscar and said "Let's go Oscar and thank you for escorting me ." . And so I got through the town's street and saw magnificent old buildings the same as those of the medieval time it was fascinating after walking for some minutes were finally at the entrance of the Palace . One of the robust guards approached Oscar to ask him about me and I waiting them to inform the king to give me permission to enter the palace and meet him . I waited for 20 minutes in the entrance of the Palace before getting permission it was really cool outside as it was the 4th of April according to the game calendar . As I entered the Grand hall reserved for feast and nobles meeting i saw the king sitting on his throne and looking at me while he had a simple smile on his face he was a man in his 50's nonetheless he was still quite handsome. He said to me " Who are you young man? and what's the matter you wanted to talk to me about?" I said respectfully "I am Jack Labersten My lord at your service.I came here today in order to ask you if you had any task for me ? " The king stood up , glanced at me and said " You're brave young man to not be afraid in the presence of this king . For the moment I don't any tasks for you but if a task presents itself I'll remember to send someone to inform you, you can go now young man ." He said and turned around." I said " I must beg my leave." He said with a smile on his face " Farewell young man.".I exited the Palace and asked Oscar who was still waiting me " Oscar, can you guide me to the arena." .He looked at me with a weird look in his eyes and the end he responded respectfully "Sure, My lord" He thought "Why do this noble wants to go to the arena I did never see nobles fighting there" . In our way to the arena I asked Oscar about the arena's time of opening and how it works he explained to me that the arena opens from the morning till the night and that the rewards based on your tier the ranking was :

Tier 1 : 100 Aurums For Defeating 3 people .

Tier 2 : 300 Aurums For Defeating 6 people .

Tier 3 : 800 Aurums For Defeating 10 people .

Tier 4 : 2000 Aurums For Defeating 20 people .

Tier 5 : 10000 Aurums you have to be the last man standing in the arena .

Holy shit 10000 Aurums what really huge sum of money as far as I remember it's impossible to get this huge amount of money in the first stages of the game and that the highest reward in the arena was only 2000 Aurums , I really don't Understand anymore .
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    《My Kingdom》