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Marvels Greatest Single Father
Author :Flat_Moon
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25 High Five

Theodore managed to get the name of the said big bully and had Sonya put him under surveillance. They then leave to restock on ingredients and to buy themselves some new clothes. Rose was wearing a frilly light blue skirt with a white top and her beloved cap. Theodore was wearing black jeans with a short sleeved white colored shirt.

They first went grocery shopping. Theodore had a shopping cart with Rose inside holding a list. Rose would read it out. Theodore would praise her and teach her when she couldn't read it. After hearing her read, he would move to pick up the items and tell her some cooking info on the ingredients.

After getting everything they'd teleport back home to put them away before teleporting close to clothing shop that Sonya had advised. As they were picking out clothes for themselves they hear child's voice call out.

"Rose!!" Said the voice.

Turning around they see the black haired Chloe wearing a bright yellow sundress, run at them frantically before hugging Rose tightly.

"Chloe!!" Said Rose with equal excitement

Following closely behind was Charlotte also wearing a sundress but in white. The sundress did wonders for Charlotte curvy body to which it completely enhancers her already mature charm.

"Hi Theo, I see you are doing some clothes shopping as well," Said Charlotte with a bright smile.

"Yep, we plan to get the whole new wardrobe of clothes. I take it you are doing the same" Said Theodore with a welcoming smile

"Haha yeah, do you mind if we join you," Said Charlotte.

"Of course not, I could do with a women's opinion," Said Theodore disappointing sigh

"I hope my opinions can be of help but I also hope you could do the same for me," Said Charlotte giving a flirty wink.

"I'm not sure if I can really help as I think you doing quite fine without it," Said Theodore while looking her up and down

This had become a regular thing for them as their relationship developed into casually flirting. They are just two grown adults able to sincerely appreciate and compliment each other. Well, that's what Theodore tells himself in an attempt to hide the fact that Charlotte has a thing for him.

From there a beautiful family can be seen walking through the streets of New York in their search for new clothes. The surrounding people praised and cursed this happy and beautiful family.

A group of guys standing off to the side.

??: "He might be handsome but he's probably dumb as shit"

??: "Forget the guy do you see the bad bitch next to him"

??: "What the fuck, her body is unscientific, it has to be plastic"

??: "Nope it's real, do that see that natural buoyancy even her waste is within the natural boundary"

??: "What a lucky bastard"

Then they walk past a Starbucks that had a group of middle age women enjoying their morning coffee. But to the surrounding people, Theodore didn't just simply walk past, no he made an entrance as time slowed down while the suns holy light embraced his figure. His long black and white hair shimmering. Deep blue eyes that contrasted well with his perfect pale white skin and handsome face.

Group of women in Starbucks

??: "Hello, Mr Right"

??: "I saw him first"

??: "Girls, I just fell in love"

??: "10/10"

??: "Kinder looks European but way hotter"

Their lovestruck attitude changed after seeing Charlotte next to him with the kids in between chatting like a happy family.

??: "Of course he has a beautiful family"

??: "Uhhg my love was so short'

??: "She perfect just like him, look at the kids, that's what good genes look like"

?? "Why is God so cruel"

?? "Well, back to depression"

Theodore and his perfect little family continue their journey going from one shop to the other. Theodore was now sat outside a changing room with Rose and Chloe. About a second later Charlotte came out wearing an off the shoulder black lace dress with white lining underneath. A gold belt around the waist and black high heels with her long blond hair down.

"So, how do I look" Said Charlotte as she gave a quick twirl.

"Wow so pretty" Said Rose

"Mommy is super pretty," Said Chloe

Theodore was at a loss but eventually, with a vacant stare he said "Beautiful"

Charlotte was taken back by his sincere praise, so she gave a shy giggle and said "Hehe Thanks. Um I got a suit here that matches well with it to do you wanna try it"

Theodore only nods and leaves to try it out. A minute later Theodore comes out wearing a black double-breasted suit that had polished gold buttons. On the inside was a white lace shirt that hung loosely over his trousers instead of tucked in like regular suites. His trousers were also black. It was both sophisticated and casual.

All the women in the shop stopped and stared before quickly taking a picture. Theodor had long gotten used to this so he didn't mind and said "What you think"

"Daddy is the Coolest" Said Rose while Chloe nodded her little head

"You could wear rags and still look good" Said Rose with a light blush

"Aunty Charlotte should stand next to daddy. Daddy can I have your phone? I want to take a picture" Said Rose as she gave Chloe a nod to encourage Charlotte.

"Come on Mommy stand here. . . No closer" Said Chloe giving a gentle shove to Charlotte causing her to fall into Theodore's chest.

"Daddy should have his arms around Aunty Charlotte" Said Rose while moving Theodore's left arm around Charlotte's waist.

The two little girls gave a thumbs up to each other and stood on the chair taking a photo. They then sat down quietly watching in anticipation. Theodore stood with a blond beauty in his arms looking down into her rich chocolate brown eyes as she stared back up into his endless sky blue eyes. Two beautiful people lost in their own world, appreciating what laid with within the other party's eyes.

"It appears our kids are trying to tell us something" Said Charlotte with a whisper

"I think they're trying to set us up together but. . . " Theodore whispered

"But what, don't try to hide that you don't feel something between us," Said Charlotte with a cold stare.

*Sigh* "You're right I do like you but I'm not sure if I'm ready, I've spent the last year or so being a father. What I'm saying is I'm not sure if I have time to satisfy you while still being a father" Said Theodore disappointed

"What about me, I have a daughter as well so that's not a good enough excuse. And who said anything about an abandoning your fatherly duties" Said Charlotte with a tad bit of anger in her voice.

"Your right I don't have an excuse, I'm just not particularly good at couple stuff but I guess I could learn to with some hands-on experience," Said Theodore with a cheeky smile while pulling into a strong hug.

"Good" Said Charlotte as she rested her head in his chest.

They were still in their own little fantasy not the least bit conscious of the surrounding people who had stopped and listen to their quite confession. After their confession, the surrounding audience for some reason clapped.

Rose and Chole clearly had a victorious smile on their faces and gave each a big high five to celebrate.

"We did it, Chloe, now we're sisters," Said Rose proudly

"Hmm hmm Sisters," Said Chloe with her head bobbing
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    《Marvels Greatest Single Father》