Lawless Twins
1 The beginning of everything
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Lawless Twins
Author :GaiusMaximus
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1 The beginning of everything

In a tropical paradise, when the sun finally does dip beneath the horizon, two people met each other, a man and a woman. They find themselves attracted to one another as they started to talk to each other. The young man with jet-black hair and eyes was very attractive and the young woman laughed awkwardly to hide her chaotic heart.

"Hi, I'm James" the young man introduced himself to the young woman who was still smiling and scratching her head.

The young man asked for two drinks to serve and waited for the young woman to reply. He was patient with this woman as he looked into her charming eyes. Soon he was also tense as his heart started to beat fast. It wasn't a time for him to be astonished at his reaction towards the woman, his mind was blank as he tried to impress the woman.

Someone served them the drinks, As they savored this region specialty, distinctive regional music was emanating from the performers on the stage. With drums and dancing, the place started to become lively. The young man soon got the name of this fine young woman, she was called "Julia" and coming from "Welston".

James was surprised as he was also coming from the same state as Julia. The couples soon started to talk wildly as they got a common topic. The alcohol flowed like water until they got drunk and James invited Julia for a dance.

Julia was not willing as she excused herself; James holds her hands suddenly, pulling closer her to him. Julia was embarrassed as she tried to hide her awkwardness, with red cheeks and a pulsating heart. She found that James was also nervous as she and hiding it with a foolish smile.

They danced for a long time with respect to music with others. Soon they found themselves in a room with no one else; they kissed each other passionately as their hands start to loosen up their clothes. The night was wild and all they could hear was a distinctive firework noting the end of a year and the beginning of the new one.

The night was wild and passionate; Julia rises up as the sunlight struck her face through the windows. With extreme dizziness and heavy head, she looked around to see where she was sleeping.

The room was unknown and her hand touched someone on the bed. She retrieved her hand steadfastly and saw James who was half-asleep.

She was having a splitting headache as she thought of last night, she has never been in a relationship and wished to pursue her career. She did not know what to do as James holds her hand and pulled closer to hug her. For some reason, she didn't feel discomfort, but a warm sense of happiness.

Julia could hear a deep breath of James as they looked into each other's eyes. It was mesmerizing, it felt like eons were passing by, the fate has brought them together, and they decided to pursue their relationship to the end of their life.

James fondled her hair as he said, "I feel like a part of my soul always known you, loved you from the very beginning and know that I will be with you always, till the end."

Julia kissed James as they hugged each other and stayed on the bed for a long time. Thus, started a relationship of passion and caring. This tropical island became their love nest as the native residents became familiar with them and known about their relationship.

The spirit of the island is truly infectious – from the love of good food and drinks to the rhythm and enduring strength that is embedded into the soul of this Caribbean island. Through the white sandy beaches and Blue Ocean, they raced with the sparking freedom lively.

Days passed, weeks passed and the liveliness of this life took a hit when Julia vomited for the first time, she started to have a headache and itchiness. She knew there was something wrong when her period was broken.

It felt awkward at first but became logical when looking back at their wildlife. Soon they decided to get married in the same tropical island where they met each other. The marriage was fast, as Julia was getting pregnant. Both James and Julia invited their parents for the wedding; the wedding was lively with their resident friends.

Both of their parents were friendly to each other and found deep respect and friendship with each other. They left the couples to enjoy their first night and engaged in a deeper conversation as they laughed aloud. James and Julia looked each other and sighed at their parents.

Days passed, their parents left the island after the wedding celebrations. Even though they invited their children's back home, but they didn't leave the island as they infatuated with this paradise. They brought lands and started to build a home for their future.

They brought a prime spot of land where they could enjoy the beauty of the ocean and get the cold sea breeze. They started to plant trees, changing the landscape to their desire, they dreamed and desired for a warm home.
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    《Lawless Twins》