101 Chapter 100: Cold Valley
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Author :Daoist_Xuyi
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101 Chapter 100: Cold Valley

Torug's POV,

Cold valley,

I travelled for almost an hour through the woods and finally spotted the familiar valley entrance. and I'm immediately met by a 'wonderful' world. Rocks and thick snow cover virtually every surface you can see, which makes traversing this landscape tricky and dangerous. The valley right seemed calm but... Whether this is true or just appearances remains to be seen, but I for one know that this place is dangerous and yet I remained hopeful.

A sense of excitement takes hold of me but I calmed down quickly, I know why I am here.

I came here to find a place called 'The crypt' by the Author for two reasons, leveling up to the third circle and other is to get an item from there.

It had been something found by one of the foreign souls of this world, during a smuggling run. To top it off, it was close to this side of the entrance.

The only reason I have left it out here for so long was because I wanted to meet that 'person' but I can't wait anymore, the main storyline is only at it's beginning stages and it would take longer to start hearing news of those guys.

Without wasting time, I had already stepped into the valley and immediately, the snow storm embraced us like a wife welcoming her man after the days work. Just like white mountain, neither the snow or it's storm ever crossed a certain range.

Alpha's ears twitched like he heard something, so I quickly dismounted and tried to look in that direction, I may have been having things go my way with the planning and so on but now that I'm out here in unknown terrain, it's not the moment to throw caution in the wind.

Shivering a little, I couldn't help grumbling, even with the fur cloak, I had little to no other thing covering my body.

Far away, I soon saw silhouettes of the most bizarre looking creatures. While they seem curious and amicable, for now I decided I would simply keep my distance. There are traces of crawling creatures, enormous creatures, and what you think might be sliding creatures of some sort.

It didn't take long for one of the creatures that looked like a snake, to try and swallow up another creature. It had a Blueish white skin and something around it's neck that looked like it was wrapped in Barb wires.

The creature it swallowed didn't take it lightly either and quickly surrounded it's body in flames...

watching this a thought came to my mind, 'magic beasts'

I quickly mounted Alpha and used stealth to cross the area while heading deeper into the valley, I'd rather not get entangled in that mess. Their battle might attract the attention of a higher level fierce beast, those who lost the chance of taking human form, creatures like Alpha...

after a twenty minutes walk, I spotted a rocky hill, it looked rough and Alpha might have problems climbing it but I can. I dismounted immediately and quickly began to climb, along the way, I had stepped on a loose rock and almost fell down, Alpha began barking worriedly as it paced back and forth.

"I'm okay!! now quiet" I said with a laugh.

At the top, I got a better look at the valley and couldn't help musing and then I remembered how the Author exaggerated, saying the valley looked like a giant footprint. Then the temptation to climb up the valley's side just to confirm, came.

"Nah, another time" I muttered while climbing down, the moment my feet touched the ground, Alpha came over and began to lick...

I couldn't help laughing, "Ok stop, your a wolf remember? Ugh my Cloak!"

Looking at him and his restless tail behind him, I could only sigh 'now you look more like a big dog than a wolf'.

'But then again, was it not the same family?' For some reason I found it funny.

After this slight pause, adjusting my arm guards and so on, we proceeded further in our search for 'the Crypt'.


Urim's POV


As soon as we arrived at Feldridge, I ordered for everyone to rest and make camp. The wolves were allowed to go hunt for themselves and I wasn't worried, they always know how to find their way back.

Sitting in front of a fire, everyone was silent.

Torrelsav, Gilgar, Largash, Bhok, Raal and of course Moz. No one said anything, just awkward silence and me taking Forceful bites from my meat.

"I want to kill him!" I finally say, my voice filled with venom but I didn't care as I took another bite, imagining that I was biting Kharag.

"..." Torrelsav remained silent while smiling.

Moz on the other hand said, "I think the Chief had his suspicions, that's why he asked me to follow... He said, if I see anything strange, I should let him know... it's like he knew something strange would happen."

"Did you tell him yet? I don't think I saw you do anything like that" Torrelsav asks.

"Don't worry, he saw everything...he...he has a way of seeing things through my eyes" she replies hesitantly.

"As expected of the Chief" Gilgar chimes while Largash had a strange expression that made me look at her strangely.

Then I remembered something and said, "I think Kharag saw you".

"I felt the same way too"

"Then we need to be cautious on this trip" Torrelsav added once again and at this time, Bhok says, "Why don't we just finish the journey today?"

But Gilgar laughed with a sneer,"obviously your not the one walking, so you wouldn't know but look at your people...if we do as you say, will we have the strength to fight after?".

No one said anything after that till we finished our meal. The wolves returned with more meat and we decided to eat it as we couldn't dry it because of the fog, we were already having a hard time keeping the fire up.

Bhok was left surrounded by wolves just in case he tried to escape but he didn't know that, if not he wouldn't be sleeping so peacefully now.

After all that, everyone began to relax and I took the chance to stand guard to think. Gilgar tried to 'join' me but I firmly refused, later she went to bed with her sister, angry.

'I wonder how Brother does it, always thinking of something to do or planning something...to help him, I need to learn', while having this thoughts, I subconsciously sighed while memories of the past came to mind.

'Brother had dragged my tired body across snow back then, Where was that?' I couldn't help wondering, I remember I was injured and so was he, we were running from something and he when my injury got worse he...

"When are you going to tell me about what is going on with you and my daughter?" Torrelsav's question pulled me out of my head.


Torug's POV,

Cold Valley,

I finally found it!

The so called crypt' was actually still a cave now and it looked rather odd. I dismounted Alpha immediately and studied the entrance, I could already see some dried bones.

When I got closer, the mouth of the cave became a welcoming blue eye...

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