Cultivation path of a mortal
3 Chapter 2 Moonlight wolf inheritor
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Cultivation path of a mortal
Author :Nightingale367
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3 Chapter 2 Moonlight wolf inheritor

Closing his eyes,Night takes a deep breathe. With heavy footsteps,he starts to walk towards the vast forest about two kilometres east away from the village. Night wants to leave here,the place that once contained all his pleasant memories with father,had been replaced with the departure of his father and the death of that girl. The girl didn't treat him differently just because of his hair and eyes,but cares for him. Yet he doesn't even know her name.

Night thinks to himself "Haha,what a pathetic fool I am. Cultivating just so that I can protect myself from the chaos in this world? What a idiot I am to have such a thought! From now on,I won't live for myself! I live. To protect my loved ones."

"Vzzt! Vzzt! Vzzt!"

A thunder bolt suddenly landed at the forest Night was heading towards. Seeing this sight,Night started to dash towards the area where the thunder bolt landed. Thinking to himself "I'll most likely die if I head there right now,but I have to take the risk even if my life ends there."

At the crash site...Is a baby dragon about one metres long with small wings.

"To think I lost a million years of my cultivation...Damn that bitch! There's no way I can survive either unless I find a someone to take control of within a month!"

In the meantime,Night was still heading towards the crash site.


The sound of a pack of wolves howling resounded in the forest,their howl that of joy. The joy of finding their meal of the day could be heard from their howl.

Night stops in his tracks,he knows that he's the target and that escaping wouldn't work. He stood right there,waiting for the wolves to arrive.

Two seconds later,he was surrounded by nine wolves. The wolves didn't surprise him when just their aura suppressed him so much that he couldn't move at all. What made him shocked was the crescent moon at the head of their alpha.

He opens his mouth "Moonlight wolf,to think that you guys aren't extinct yet."
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The alpha immediately turned into his human form and questioned Night "How did you know of my identity, there's no way that you can see the crescent moon on my head!"

Night told him "I don't know why either. Maybe because... I'm the moonlight inheritor,destined to step onto the path of swords. I won't say much,will you assist me? I promise that I won't mistreat all of you,but in return,your pack will have to help me with everything you got." The moonlight wolf ahead of him reminded him of his father. Before his father left,he had told him about the mystical species in this world,the moonlight wolf being one of them.

The alpha laughs "Haha,very well. Three years, I'll give you three years to step into the lord realm. Don't blame me for not showing mercy if you aren't there in three years. Just to let you know,the eight wolves behind me are at the peak of the lord realm, I'm already a king!"

Night didn't know of the realms the alpha mentioned,but could only reply "Very well."

The next moment,a sword appeared in front of him. His soul weapon had awakened,a weapon unique to him only. Out of a billion cultivators,there might not even be one who can awaken their soul weapon.

It was a exquisite long sword about 1.7m in length,its sharpness equivalent to that of a half phantom weapon.

He told the wolves "Protect me for three days,I have a feeling that I've made a breakthrough."

Taking out his sword,he started to link his memories together. From his father happy memories with him,to his departure. From the girl who accompanied him to her death. From the criticism to nothing but criticism. He understood the world,cruelty is everywhere...If you're weak,you can't do anything. If one wants to do something,speed is a fundamental,one can't afford to let even one small chance slip by.


A aura exploded in the forest,with Night being the middle.

He had managed to awaken his first sword aura. From what his father told him,cultivating a sword aura makes him a first tier swordman. When he becomes a ninth tier swordman and cultivates out his tenth sword aura, he'll be a swordmaster...

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    《Cultivation path of a mortal》