Conclave of Tyrants
80 Innocent Arrogance
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Conclave of Tyrants
Author :theonionjunktion
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80 Innocent Arrogance

Taku spent what felt like days discussing earth to Kaguvi, who was more interested in the science side of things. Especially technology for some odd reason. Taku was incredibly impressed by Kaguvi's intelligence. The man understood everything he explained perfectly. It was almost as if he was hearing the elementary version of something he was already familiar with. This got Taku thinking.

Perhaps the Gutu knew more than he understood. For example, the stone tablets they used to store and send information. There must be some sort of principals behind it. True magic was simply science he didn't understand. A quote he got from Tony Stark, one he firmly agreed with. In fact, he saw himself as real Earth's Iron Man, except he wasn't, he was just a rich nerd.

But he did understand Muay Thai and Taekwondo. Being bullied in his youth taught him the importance of self-defense, even in the Age of Information. He practiced the martial arts to fortify his mind, not his body. It's part of the reason his soul was able to smoothly integrate with another soul. Not only was it of high quality but it had a tough will.

'If this guy really is the Supreme Martialist, then his mind must be like Fort Knox.'

The Gutu were a warrior race, hence psychology was important to them. They knew the effects of training on the mind.

'But he acts like he is a nutcase. Maybe its some sort of ruse?'

Taku continued to make his conjectures while simultaneously talking to Kaguvi, who was like a black hole, sucking as much knowledge as possible. Then at some point…


Kaguvi was rolling on the floor laughing, much to Taku's displeasure.

Kaguvi got up removing a few tears, "Wait wait wait wait, you are telling me that the majority of your planet uses electricity? Electricity? You have to be joking? Do you know how backward you sound?"

Taku couldn't wrap his head around this. Earth was backward for using electricity? Shouldn��t it be the other way around?

Kaguvi somewhat understood what Taku was confused about, "I've been to many worlds that took the route your world did, in fact, there is a country on this continent that uses electricity. But its incredibly inefficient and highly volatile. World Energy, Zesa, Qi, Mana, and Yuan. These are the true energies worth exploiting for technological uses. I assume since your world uses electricity, it is heavily reliant on technology, hence when you saw the Gutu you thought them to be backward no?"

Kaguvi's words hit the nail perfectly. "Well young man let me explain, believe it or not, we use far more technologies than your people, it's just that we value our heritage. Technology can be powerful but it can easily be countered, in the end, nothing beats personal strength, although I do understand since your people could not cultivate. But I am interested in something your people made, you called it programming?"

Taku raised a brow and said, "Yeah, I was a software programmer."

"And you say you were the best at programming?"

"I had no equal." This was bragging, but there was no vanity, only clarity. He was that good of a programmer. He had near-perfect memory and an IQ of over 200. He was a paragon in the world, which was now dominated by computers.

"Hmm. Okay now, let's talk about that smoke like soul of yours."

"I call it Product X"

"How… creative. Anyway, it is a byproduct of the interaction between the two original souls. As your Guardian, I see everything you see. Its purifying aspect is truly frightening. The lightning purifies anything while the flame burns away the excess. This causes it to purify something until it only has Rudyi energy. No matter can survive in such a state so it turns into energy which goes into the smoke before leaving a small byproduct of the process which is like glass. The massive bowl you created was as smooth as a pebble one finds on a beach. I will analyze the byproduct later. But you can somewhat control Product X's shape right?"

Taku thought carefully before saying, "I can control its shape in liquid form but I can't do anything else."

Kaguvi smiled, "Why can't you do the same to the gas version?"

"The gaseous form is hard to control, it's like trying to move a thousand bodyparts at once. My brain can only do so much. In liquid form, it's one entity so its simpler."

Kaguvi shook his head and said, "I'm not asking you to simply will Product X, I'm asking you to program it!"

Taku opened his mouth but didn't know how to reply. Program it? How?

"How do you think spells are cast, boy? We give Zesa specific instructions in the form of runes and chants. All you have to do is learn the basics and come up with a way to create a 'programming' language for Product X.

Kaguvi's suggestion smacked Taku right in the face. How had he not thought about this? He is a programmer! He didn't have to toil his way like others. The Gutu Mages were very powerful, but Taku doubted that they had anything that could compare to earth in terms of calculative power. Things like compression algorithms, Newton's laws, quantum physics and so much more! He may have been a programmer but he loved anything with math in it. So he took a few courses on the side.

'This is going to bed fun.' Taku said while grinning perversely.

Kaguvi patted Taku's had and said, "I will miss that creepy side of yours. Don't worry about your secrets, I'm your Guardian so I tell no one. Now go, I have a party to attend."

Kaguvi pushed Taku's headed, teleporting him out of the throne room.

"Okay, now to call a conclave and choose him. I don't want the others to see what he can do so early because they will just mess it all up. I have to a bit sneaky about this."

Kaguvi walked out of the throne room, plotting and scheming for the future. It was his favorite hobby after all.

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    《Conclave of Tyrants》