Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
1523 10 Saints all arrive
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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1523 10 Saints all arrive

"All of you stay here, do not move without permission!" the Torrential Rain Saint commanded darkly.

"We obey!" everyone answered solemnly.

The Torrential Rain Saint stepped once more on the golden path, and returned to Wood Figure Planet. However, though Saints could rip a tear into space, they could not do so to the extent that the other end of the world seemed very close. A certain amount of time was still required.

After about an hour later, the 10 Saints were seen coming together, arriving on multiple golden paths.

When everyone saw this, they were all unfathomably stunned. It had actually alerted the 10 Saints; these were the 10 Saints!

The Star Sand Saint walked towards the Phoenix Kings' corpses, causing Ling Han to feel slightly anxious. His wife, Feng'er, was inside, accepting her inheritance, and she could absolutely not be interrupted.

He decided internally that if the Star Sand Saint really would do something, he would stop him even if it meant he had to use the blood essence of the Saint King.

Thankfully, the Star Sand Saint soon stopped, and showed a hint of seriousness in his expression. He had absolutely zero confidence that he could suppress these three corpses, even if these three Phoenix Kings were already dead, and even if he was an honored and noble Great Saint.

"Master!" The nine Saints all approached.

The Star Sand Saint's expression was filled with seriousness, and he stated, "These are the bodies of Saint Kings!"

"Hiss!" All the nine Saints inhaled sharply. With their insight, they naturally could tell that those were not monsters that had never been seen before, but rather three True Phoenixes that were presently wrapped around one another. True Phoenixes definitely were of Saint level, but to have reached Saint King level… It was hard to imagine.

"This, the three Phoenix Kings were pulling a chariot, so how valuable could the treasure they were bearing be?" the Bitter Tea Saint said.

The 10 Saints exchanged looks. If they could obtain the treasures left behind by a Saint King, then Small Saints could possibly become Medium Saints, and a Great Saint… would have hopes of advancing another step further, and attain a supreme apex.

"Let's go and take a look."

The chest had been left open, and they naturally could see the scene of chaos that lay within. They also heard from the mouths of the students that there was indeed a small world inside.

The Saints entered, and even if the others had already entered once before, they involuntarily followed and entered again.

To have alerted even the Saints, the importance of this object was beyond their expectations!

They had not found any treasures, but who knew, maybe the Saints could?

When Ling Han entered into the world inside the chest as well, he saw that the 10 Saints had already arrived at the summit of the main peak. Obviously, the intimidation of the massive paw had no effect on these Saints, or rather it was too far, and so posed no threat at all.

The Star Sand Saint moved, and began to put away this massive paw.

Though a Great Saint was far from the level of a Saint King, this was after all only a paw, and not a complete corpse. Furthermore, the three Phoenix Kings outside were already wrapped around each other, and their bloodline connected, so how could a broken paw compare?

The Star Sand Saint used all his might, and dispelled the terrifying saintly might within the paw. The others could clearly sense that the destructive ability of the mountain winds on the main peak was being weakened at an incredibly fast pace.

"Take in!" the Star Sand Saint shouted again, and this massive paw disappeared.

Ling Han couldn't help but feel envious. This was the paw of a Saint King here. If he could cook it into a stew, there would definitely be innumerable benefits to be gained.

But who would dare take something from the possession of a Great Saint?

Once the giant paw vanished, there was naturally not the slightest bit of threat left here. Everyone set out on a massive sweep. Even the 10 Saints were turning over mountains and seas, yet there was not the slightest bit to obtain.

Actually, it could not be said that there was nothing. The Saint King's paw itself was an astonishing treasure, and refining the Saintly Origin power from within could possibly be beneficial even for the Great Saint.

"Where is Gu Daoyi?" The Star Sand Saint suddenly paused.

This last disciple of his had come here early on. At first, he thought that he would be in the world inside the chest, but he did not sense Gu Daoyi at all.

Where was he? Where had he gone?

The nine Saints all hurriedly spread out their divine sense in search. Gu Daoyi was their master's personal disciple, and also bore the high hopes of their master. In the future, he would be inheriting his legacy.

But no matter how much they searched, they did not discover the slightest trace of Gu Daoyi.

The Star Sand Saint's expression was dark, and he had those who had come in earliest all relate their experience.

"En?" When the Second in the World related his own experiences, the Star Sand Saint's expression involuntarily moved slightly. Suddenly, a frightening gust of wind began to blow around the peaks, its might not the slightest bit inferior to the mountain winds that had been created by the effects of massive paw previously.

The Star Sand Saint was certain that the mysterious person that had knocked the Second in the World unconscious was connected to the disappearance of his disciple.

It was not that he had not suspected the Second in the World, but he definitely did not think that the Second in the World had the ability to take Gu Daoyi down under the condition of not alerting the others—even in that previously unusual situation.

If a supreme Divine Fetus was this weak, how could he have possibly taken him in as a personal disciple?

This person…. Who exactly was it?

All the big shots among the students had that kind of ability, but everyone had said that Gu Daoyi was the second to enter into this place. If there was anyone faster than him, that would definitely be one that was extremely strong in physique.

There was not one person among the big shots that fitted this condition. In terms of physique, it was Gu Daoyi who was superior instead.


The Star Sand Saint cast his eyes on Ling Han. Though this was only a new student, he had managed to defeat Gu Daoyi previously. Furthermore, his physique was astonishing, so he possessed an incredible advantage in this place.

"Ling Han!" The Great Saint suddenly spoke up in direct confrontation, his voice sounding like thunder. "Was it you who apprehended Gu Daoyi?"

Ling Han gave an "ah", his face filled with confusion. He looked absolutely baffled.

When the large black dog saw this, he couldn't help but give him a thumbs up internally. He really had the elegant demeanor of Grandpa Dog. When the news about Gu Daoyi's disappearance spread out, he did not even have to think a second time. He was immediately certain that it was Ling Han who was behind it.

'You quietly ascended the mountain, then quietly descended again. Then, you climbed up using a different path. Didn't this obviously show that you have done something secretly before?

'Little guy, you still want to play tricks in front of your Grandpa Dog? You're still too naive.'

The Star Sand Saint's abilities were millions of times greater than the large black dog's, but in terms of familiarity with Ling Han, he was far from being able to compare to the large black dog. In his eyes, Ling Han's expression of complete confusion and lack of understanding definitely did not look like it was an act

Was this unrelated to him?

The Star Sand Saint pondered. But aside from Ling Han, whose physique would be so strong that he could reach the summit ahead of the Second in the World and Gu Daoyi?

"It can't possibly be Ling Han!" The Second in the World was very loyal. He explained that Ling Han had appeared at a time that was far later than the others.

But when the Star Sand Saint heard this, a hint of suspicion was seen in his expression.

With Ling Han's physique, not being the first to reach the summit was one thing, yet he was actually later than a great many others? This was illogical!

Ling Han internally berated the Second in the World for ruining things. 'If you f***** don't say anything, no one will take you as a mute!' If he had known this would happen, he should have tossed him into the Black Tower and imprisoned him for eight to 10 years.

The Star Sand Saint looked at Ling Han, and calmly asked, "With your physique being so strong, why did you appear so late?"

Ling Han's heartbeat was even, and he responded, "In reply to the Saint, I went to the other peaks prior to this, and so went here at a later time."

The Star Sand Saint hummed. This indeed was a very good reason, but should he really believe it? He released his divine sense and searched Ling Han thoroughly. After a while, he commanded, "Take out the Spatial Spirit Tool that you possess."

"Yes!" Ling Han drew out a ring, and respectfully handed it over.

Thankfully, he had long made his own preparations. This ring was used to cover for the Black Tower. Elites like them would definitely possess Spatial Spirit Tools, right?

The Star Sand Saint grabbed out at empty air, and retrieved the ring. Then, his divine sense swept over it. There were some True Origin Stones inside, as well as some alchemical pills and herbs, but there was definitely no dead body, nor any trace of a corpse.

Was it really not this boy?

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    《Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao》